Steve Negus

   Over the last 3 years I have set up a mastering and digital editing studio on my PC. Wavelab is my program of choice, with all the appropriate plugins.

I'm also running Nuendo, and Cubase, through the Nuendo 9652 and the nuendo 8 I/O on the 1.9 gig Pentium machine and the Yamaha DSP factory and SW1000xg cards on the Pentium III 450 machine. I'm using the universal audio card for processing, I love the 1176 compressor and the reverb sounds great!

This is not a tracking studio, although, I do have a good selection of mics and midi gear. Also, in the rack, are a Tascam DA 30 dat machine with digital ins and outs hooked to the computer, as well as a Tascam DA88 for transfers. The Vdrums with acoustic cymbals and hihat are set up for recording drum tracks over the net. I have a studio on the Rocket network for transfer through Cubase.... so, I can now do drum tracks for any cd project anywhere in the world!

For Information on Mastering and
Studio time email


* PC with 1.9 Gig Processor, 120 gig of storage
* Windows Operating System
* Nuendo, Cubase and Wavelab with Nuendo hardware
* 5.1 speaker system
(5 of the powered Behringer speakers with a subwoofer)
* Quantec Room Simulator
* 4 channels Behringer mic pre's
* Anatek SMP 7
(smpte reader/generator and midi patch bay)
* Rane headphone amp (Six sends)
* Cassette deck, TASCAM 1/4" reel to reel.
* Good turntable. (Fons)
* JBL 4411 full range monitors
* Yamaha NS10M monitors
* Soundtracs PC Midi console (56 inputs)
* Korg Triton
* Ensoniq SD1 Keyboard
* Roland TD7 Percussion Module
* Roland Sound Canvas
* Roland V Drums
* Ddrum Module (+ 32 channels of midi in computer from Yamaha SW1000 card)
* Rode NT2 vocal mic
* Various Marshall mics
* 20 year old Ovation Custom Legend Acoustic Guitar
* Drums, drums and more drums. (assortment of mainly DW)
* Paiste Sound Edge Hi-Hat 14" / Colorsound 5 Ride 22"
* Paiste Cymbals - Power Crash 16" and 18" Full Crash 20"



Steve Negus

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